Skeletal Remains

Dead tree skeleton

All the colored hatred
That lives in your skin
Carried proudly now
It’s dust in the end

Beneath the flesh 
Our shadows rest
Sinews assembled
Muscles meshed

Your bare bones and theirs
Bleached the same white
Under illuminating sun
Forsaken, forgotten

And alone


77 thoughts on “Skeletal Remains

  1. Hey Victo,

    Rendered with flourish entombed on your page,
    Poetry never-ending with the ending of age,
    Unlike bone sinew skeletal remains,
    Dissolving away, leaving centre stage,
    Your poem remains alive, there to engage,
    Your loyal following: the fans of Victo Delore,
    Whose poem, ‘Skeletal Remains,’ will be repeatedly told,
    In future days long after your yore.

    A wonderful poem Victo, thank you πŸ™‚

    Your fine words are ever finer,
    Always sculptured, designer,
    Like cosmetic worn for work!
    Tis merely a tender wee tease,
    A lil’ old squeeze,
    Should I duck or grouse, avoid a shiner?
    When I mention how well your poetry is penned,
    Scribed perfect like your lipstick-liner.
    Have a wonderful day in your land far away!
    A nation collectively called The U.S of A.
    For sadly it’s time for me to go,
    Although I’d love to sit and stay,
    Writing poems, silly verse, for you today,
    Rhymes and posy, gentle words, tender play,
    Penned lines of mine to earnestly say:
    “Thank you for Blogging, I’m always dying for more,
    From The Doctor, The Physician,
    Lady Victo Delore.

    Best wishes, brightest blessing for enjoyment of a special day πŸ™‚

    Namaste πŸ™‚


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  2. Speaking of the colored hatred in my skin…I noticed you didn’t approve the snarky remark I made to a comment two posts ago. You were right to do that. It was mean and didn’t need to be seen. But it chapped my ass. I can’t stand it when people blame someone because they’re unhappy. They’re unhappy because someone failed to keep an unspoken, unrealistic promise. How dare you not make me happy is a childish fantasy.

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    • I don’t think she was saying that at all. I think she was mourning lost love. I imagine that when you part ways but still have a child between you, there can be quite a lot of hurt to see the other party move past you for one reason or another but still love the progeny of your relationship unconditionally in the same way they once loved you. Dealing with that day to day would eat me up. There may be much more behind her comment that I am missing but the point is, we don’t know the details of her life and passing harsh judgement is not fair without fully knowing and understanding the context. What we see in her comment is perhaps more about US than about her, anyway. πŸ˜›

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