The Overseers

Through a window at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

I see your drones flying overhead,
Your truck driving by.
I know you are watching me,
Following my every move… 
Silently waiting 
For the proper time to strike. 
You know my internet searches,
The names of my kids. 
You know my habits 
And my darkest faults. 
Some days you know my secret wishes 
Before I can even get the chance 
To wish them. 
Always there, behind the scenes 
Your satellites measuring my level 
Of devotion. 
Well placed hints, strategic glimpses, 
All forms of intimidation
Meant to remind me that I am yours 
Forever subject
To your every whim.


If you want to see something fun, zoom in on the bottom left of the photo.


74 thoughts on “The Overseers

  1. The sad thing about the stuff “they” know is that we willingly give it to them. The thing that creeps me out is how Uber changes what they charge based on what they think you can afford. If you and I are going the same distance but you to a fancy restaurant and me to a bar, you probably pay more. They also track where you came from before and where you go after the ride.

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  2. Is anyone watching them. I don’t mind so much if they stop someone bombing my train, but I think the commercial ones are scaring me a lot. We have given the government a certain licence but we never gave any permission to the people who run car parks and shopping centres and fast food chains etc etc et-bloody-cetera.

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  3. But didn’t a New England village 18th century have its versions of drones and its CCTV? Whether it was a kid stealing apples or the local girls who hung out with the boys, everybody knew everything about everyone. And it wasn’t because we were a more inclusive society. We were nosy, gossipy, judgmental. And if someone transgressed social norms it was tarring and feathering, the scarlet letter, ‘rough music’
    or being run out of town on a rail. Authorities relied on these local Stasi types to exert control and we should try to keep in mind the fact that there was never a Golden Age. There have always been Pinkertons!

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      • You see, I really don’t believe that there were plenty of places (or any places at all), to hide in a community of hundreds in those times. The miser, the abuser, the ‘slovenly’ (don’t take offence, it was the word of the time) woman who did not keep her house to the standards other women set, the tradesman who kept his finger on the scales; nothing was off limits.To break with your reputation, formed as it was by close observation upon you since birth, you had to move to where you were a stranger. And you wonder why so many went west. It was only in the urbanization of the 19th century that you could stay in one place and be anonymous.

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  4. It’s an OMG moment about small towns and reputations after what I just wrote. I just remembered one night in a local diner in the tiniest ville in West Virginia back in the late seventies. The old man in dungarees sitting next to us at the counter and hearing we were English and Irish asked me point blank “What’s your reputation?” Seeing my confusion, he went on. “What’s your reputation back in England?”
    So aghast must I have looked that he helped me out. “Here in xxxville, I’m a roofer, what’s your reputation?
    The last time anyone used the word reputation for job description back in England, Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and Shakespeare was a new young playwright.
    Just thought I’d share…

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  5. Mostly it’s bots, it’s what gets back to real humans that bothers me, and more than that the intelligence level of those individual humans…

    Ah, a weather vane for the dinosaur nation! πŸ™‚

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  6. Victo I even wonder now if allowing my physicians partners access
    online to my files was a great idea. Social Security in the US even sends
    reminders of what exams you need? You know as a physician exactly
    where that all, leads. A stupid social security now needs to be encrypted
    as well as every account we all have. To the extreme yes, but how to
    protect everyone.

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  7. Buying a smart phone is your agreement to be spied on. there is no doubt they are watching and listening. Watch the movie the Circle with Tom Hanks. The movie was not great but the premise is real.

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  8. How DO they get all that information? And we’ve let them. And some people give it willingly (an app that lets your phone pinpoint your exact location so it can tell other people where you are??!!) It’s definitely frightening. (K)

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  10. 1984..
    But if my truck is going by you, I’m only watching you if you are in a vehicle around me or look like your going to try a mad dash across the road in front of me.. You would not believe the number of pedestrians that try that crap πŸ˜’

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