Thursday Thoughts From the Throne #5

Mission door in San Antonio

I have been pondering this from the toilet for a long time now:

You know what I hate? Items that have what they are emblazoned upon them. Like a pillow that has “pillow” in huge letters written across it. Or a towel that says, “towel”. Granted, before I have enough coffee to clear my sleep deprived brain, towelling off with my pillow after a hot shower is not entirely implausible…. but still. Seems like if I *did* do something like that I would kind of deserve the subsequent damp bedding, you know?

So every morning I blow dry my hair while standing bent over in front of a cream colored canvas “hamper” hamper. I am compelled to roll my eyes at it every morning, although the “hamper” hamper certainly never seems to appear to have its feelings hurt. The effect of eye rolling is dulled somewhat when done upside down. 

I surely do hate the thing and yet principle dictates that I cannot just toss it out until it wears out. I needed something collapsible and lightweight for lugging large amounts of laundry downstairs (I only do laundry once a week because….laundry) and it was the only option at the time at the local Target store. Mind you, the purchase was made before an Amazon Prime membership opened up a whole new fabulous world of shopping variety delivered to my front doorstep at the touch of a screen. Wicker is cute but it is expensive, heavier, and it dang sure does not last long with repeated trips up and down stairs but you know what? Cream colored canvas “hamper” hampers apparently DO last.

For years. 


Feel free to join in with your own Thoughts From the Throne. Steve Still Standing did, of sorts. Check it out

And since apparently Thursdays are door days all over the blogosphere, I decided to throw in a door for your viewing enjoyment.


95 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts From the Throne #5

  1. That is a very grand door indeed Dr Vic! I too have just got Amazon Prime (one of the benefits of being a student and getting discount).I have to restrain myself from buying all sorts of stuff that I can get the very next day even SUNDAYS! I Looks like you won’t be needing it to buy yourself a new hamper yet!!

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  2. That’s kinda weird. I’ve actually not seen any of these items and expect now I will see them everywhere. Right up there with wall words like Eat in the kitchen and Sleep in the bedroom and Read in the den — HORK!
    I agree, canvas is awesome though πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m not a “say something” sort of person anyway so I probably would (and have) made a trip to the dollar store for something like a small cheap laundry basket that I literally don’t care how long it lasts because it was only $1. I carry this labeling issue over into the current world of affordable pieces of canvas art that must provide wisdom and philosophical messages to the purchasers. My walls are bare because I can’t find anything that I like that doesn’t have words on it, is priced reasonably, and that I can use with command hooks instead of nails or screws.

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  4. His & her hampers in our house work fine.
    Amazon Prime is a gold mine for old people.
    We watch movies through a Fire Stick,
    listen to music also.
    Our summer has been spent reading free books from
    Prime using our library cards. Even can reserve the newest
    books & be notified.

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  5. Ain’t that the pits when you want something to wear out so you can buy a new one? Just give it a lot of rough treatment. Slam those dirty clothes in that hamper! Kick it around a few times when you get mad. It can be fun trying to make something wear out.

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  6. That’s an amazing door you have there. For the first time ever, in this house, laundry is on the 2nd floor with the bedrooms. It’s enjoyable, that lack of lugging. I have a wicker hamper that is now 35 years old…but it has no label.

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  7. when I get sick of something and it is still in good shape, I donate it. that way it is not wasted, I did something good and I get to replace it with something I like better… for the time being.

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  8. When we lived together 35 years ago, my roommate had a spatula that cleverly said “SPATULA” on the handle. It irritated me beyond belief (as does anything else that stupidly proclaims what it is — especially people who have license plates on their cars with the make/model of their car — DUH!).

    I was really annoyed when that SPATULA turned out to be a GREAT spatula. I traded her something else for it when we separated. I had it for about 20 years before it met its demise! You may have your HAMPER just as long…

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  9. My daughter used to hate Disney princess costumes that had a small picture of the princess on them. Snow White wouldn’t wear her own picture on her dress, you know? It’s not quite the same thing as your “hamper” hamper, but why?

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  11. I am so glad that I am not the only one out there who still blow dries their hair upside down! You should fabric paint over the hamper or maybe do an iron on? Something to make it more pleasing to the eye. It’s sure to break after that. πŸ™‚

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