The Shift

Getting ready for work is super easy now. I throw on a pair of scrubs and my tennis shoes, pull back my hair into a ponytail, slap on a smattering of make-up and I am done. No rings or necklaces for germs to hitchhike home on. I kind of feel like I am back in residency but I don’t want my hair getting tangled in the face mask and who needs lipstick when you can’t see it anyway?

Face mask cons: they cause an increase in zits and blemishes

Face mask pros: they cover said blemishes

Right now I am running a Covid suspect clinic, meaning if you have respiratory symptoms that indicate possible Covid-19, you are sent to me for evaluation and testing. I have a safe harbor letter that allows me to go to and from work in case I am pulled over for being out during lockdown. That sounds weird.

Safe harbor?

This does not feel safe….

My kids are struggling, trying do online school with a grandmother who is not entirely technically savvy or a dad who is having to work from home. They miss their friends. They miss their mom. AND they don’t understand why they cannot use toilet paper for craft projects right now. Everyone started talking about toilet paper shortages and all of a sudden my kids decide it is great for all manner of things beyond wiping your butt.

Go figure.

There are dire predictions abounding everywhere. It is dizzying how much the world has changed in less than a month. BUT humans have a history of facing dire circumstances with ingenuity and sacrifice. Are we scared? Sure. But fear is helpful. It ensures we make safer choices. Will people die? Yes. Many already have. And yet many more will live.

So listen up, people! We are going to make it through this. We are all stronger than we know.


49 thoughts on “The Shift

  1. Wow! We are exactly on the same page. Awesome to read this. I am the lowest of maintenance these days. I am also the cleanest too with more than 3 showers per day. I shower after my cases longer than 4 hours. Scrub cap covers my lack of hair styling; found my scrunchie collection too.

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  2. Hi I am so pleased to see you here, I have often wondered how you are getting on . You are are doing a great job out there, despite your president’s best efforts! Take care be safe and positive. Sending you positive thoughts 💜 💜

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  3. Thank you for your courage and your encouragement!

    I had a giggle at the kids alla sudden wanting to use TP more now that it is in short supply.

    But that’s where my giggling stops. There seems to be, in some sectors, a pushback against the prohibitions – people are told to stay home, but are kicking at the traces and petulantly whining, “I DON’T WANNA.” Let’s pray they smarten up!

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  5. Sounds to me like you truly are on the front lines, testing people for the virus. I understand it’s a rather messy test, where patients might sneeze or otherwise blow fluid particles all over the doctor. Be careful. Hopefully that new, faster test will be out soon.

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  6. Hey Victo,

    Tested but never found wanting, you’re a breath of fresh air. Stay frosty Victo, wrap up well!

    ‘Tis good to hear from you again on WP.

    Keep smiling behind the white coat and mask. Take care of one, and all, as you always do,


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  7. Did I miss something or am I allowed to says, “Where have you been?” The answer is I missed you. This is such a thrill to be back in contact – especially under the present circumstances. Keep safe Doc.

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  8. Take care and keep safe. Over here we are ramping up as well. My hospital will soon take public cases to free up beds in the public system to boost their capacity. We haven’t hit the worse as yet as our Winter is coming in 2 months.

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  9. I hope you’re wearing full protective clothing not just a mask and gloves… It’s not an easy job for physicians and nurses at this time, I know.

    Hoping you’re well and stay well. Hugs.

    By the way, I’m Val from Colouring The Past blog – at the moment, I’m posting from my more personal blog instead.

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  10. goodness, I have wondered how you were and not here you are-on the front of the battle! Your post was spot on-This thing has changed us-hopefully, we will learn something-but my heart breaks for the losses. I pray lovely things while you were away-love Michele

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  11. Nice to hear from you again. My wife works at a hospital. She’s pretty tough, but some are starting to grind down from the pressure of what they might be taking home from work. Glad you’re well, and thanks for fighting the good fight.

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  12. My brain is pretty much on information overload because too many “know it all” jerks are trying to tell me what to do, but once I accepted that this is the new norm, I have decided that what I must do is comfort other people who have no ‘history’ to compare this to. My young Bible class children (or their parents) have written me every day since we went on lock down. They need to hear that I am still alive. They need to know how my husband is, and I am so far happy to tell them we are safe where we are and managing to get good food so far. My grandchildren are doing their best to be upbeat too in spite of some quirks in hospital policies. With a son-in-law being a doctor and his daughter being a nurse graduate and a daughter who is a nurse and her two eldest daughters being nurses, I do have some concerns. I pray often every day for those who are constantly exposed. Prayers and the answers to prayer are what get me through.

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  13. I’m going to keep you in my daily prayers of protection, for what it’s worth. All of you putting your own families at risk to help so many others deserve more than our respect and gratitude. I’m staying inside so I’m not one of those people that put someone else at risk. You are obviously keeping your sense of humor in all of this. I’m 71 and dealt with a lot in one lifetime.. We will get through this like we have so many things. It’s like a global equalizer. You said this all so well. Thank you really isn’t enough.

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  14. Best wishes, Victo, being on the front lines. I’m in awe of every health care worker in the world right now who are having to leave their families every day and face their fears dealing with an invisible enemy. I am literally in tears as I write this. Be well … and thank you 💕

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  15. Thank you for keeping us updated as to how you’re doing!
    An aborted plane trip to see my daughter turned into a week home. When back at work, I’ll be relocated from the empty pre op area to the floor – long time since I’ve done floor nursing – boy is this a dramatic re-entry.
    Take care and keep that mask on tight!

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