I have practiced for over fifteen years as a family medicine physician. I started working on this blog in 2014 as an outlet, a place for the honesty that I could not indulge in elsewhere. At times I have felt that I will explode with words…all of the words that I have had to leave unsaid.

So here they are.

I leave them here so I do not have to carry them around with me.

It is important to note that many of these stories are fictionalized to a degree in order to keep identities, including my own, private but the core message is still there. Sometimes, I will even dabble in full on fiction. Or mediocre medical poetry….

Meanwhile, I have been humbled by the great number of fascinating, talented, and diverse people in the blogging world and so I must confess that I am not particularly special.

All photography on this site is my own.

If you like Victorian era historical fiction you can check out my other site, http://redscreamer.wordpress.com.


459 thoughts on “About

  1. I sort of just ran into your blog..
    A blogger I follow referenced to your article on sex & happiness & I found myself here
    Anyway I love the fact that you write your honest perspective..
    And your a doctor? Wow..
    And here I was thinking I need to cut back on my blogging when I get done with law school or atleast write legal stuff.
    You have inspired me to keep my rants going & I will stick around I may even turn into a groupie of ” Behind The White Coat”
    Looking foreword to all of it

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  3. Hi I don’t know how this happened but I think the naughty wordpress monkeys unfollowed me from you. Also they unfollowed me from LindaGHill who, like you, I enjoy reading and talking to! I did wonder why I was not getting your posts.. Anyway I am back in your fold and I have some catching up to do. So hello and it was not my fault. xxxxx

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  4. ‘Just found your blog via Geeta B’s blog and decided to browse about. It’s always fun to see what folks are doing/saying. This is the first blog I’ve visited with the musings of a medical professional.

    Small Anecdote: I’m a writer/editor and was recently asked by my colleague to critique and edit his son’s med school personal essay. I did. My critique pointed out that the essay never mentioned the fellow’s connection with people or his being any more than a good technician. This skill, although desirable, is by itself a bit anathema to someone applying to work intimately on, with, and for people. This is to say, I really appreciate a doctor who weighs-in on the personal aspect of this very important work.
    So, thanks, and β€œβ€¦Beats a real human heart!” is a great premise for your blog.

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  5. I was taken with your Black and White post and thought I’d enjoy reading more from a doctors perspective but was pleasantly surprised to see the breadth of your writing. I appreciate your perspective and honesty.

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  6. I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog. I’ve spent far too much time with people in white coats and often write about my experiences. That’s not the only thing I write about-far from it. I prefer humor and regular life stories with universal appeal. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and look forward to what comes next.

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  8. I don’t think I’ve told you before, but your blog is what kind of inspired me to keep a medical blog. Also, it always amazes me how quick you are to read and like my posts, even though I don’t at all times have time to read all your amazing posts and like them. So sorry about that.

    And thanks for sharing your wonderful blog entries. Keep up the fascinating work!

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  11. How astounding I’ve never seen your blog before now. With such a powerful introduction I can hardly wait to read more of your stories. Hope still has me by the throat. The blogging community astounds me often, so I understand what you mean, however you are indeed special.

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  13. So…there’s this thing called The Entertainer Blogger Award that I nominated you for here:


    Even if you decide not to β€œfollow the rules” for the award (you rebel!) I just want you to know that I respect you and what you write on your blog.

    Just so you don’t think I’m trying to con you into reading my blog against your wishes, I’m copying what I wrote about you there below:

    Behind the White Coat–If awards came with actual trophies, this blogger would need a separate home just to hold all her well-deserved earnings.

    Thanks for what you do.

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  15. Hi, I am really glad I stumbled across your blog. It’s something about the fact that you choose to say things here that you wouldn’t in the real world that is interesting. Also, relatively fictionalised encounters which hold truth are wonderful to read! Your photos are incredible, I can’t believe I wasn’t following you previously!

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  16. So…I wasn’t sure quite where to put this so forgive me for leaving it here (at your digital doorstep). I read this essay written by a nurse about taking medical histories (called “Listen, Carefully”), and it made me think of you and your work. (Maybe, since you LIVE and write this, you’re not interested in reading more of it, but I decided to take the gamble and share it anyway.)


    Either way, just know that I appreciate your writing enough to think of it even when it’s not you I’m reading!

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  18. Hey Victo,
    Just dropping by to thank you for liking soooo many of my postsβ€”I think you’ve hit the button on every one? β€”and apologize for not being around in your corner of WordPress. I disabled email notifications on the blogs I follow and have yet to get in the habit of using my reader. But I’ll get better, I promise! I missed your posts, took me until now to remember I could literally just click over here and read them…
    Anyway, thanks again for all your support!

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  19. Found your blog via fiftyfourandahalf. Interesting post. Not only relevant and timely, but horrifically true from so many different angles. Necessary to call this truth into the light, even though it tends to boil our blood, all while leaving a trail of despondency rotting on the page. Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t be speaking about it, but rather, demands that we keep the conversation alive.

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  21. For some reason I can’t find a way to direct message you via your blog–thank you for being a consistent reader just so you know. It seems like you’ve really connected with a lot of interesting people and for some reason I’m having a very difficult time sifting through blogs and finding ones I want to connect with too. Would you mind direct messaging me or replying with some of your favorites?

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